The all in one commission-free vehicle designed to increase your online ordering

no more relying on third-party apps

Fits smoothly within your restaurant’s day to day operations

  • Receive all your orders straight to your pos

  • Manage item availability

  • Manage operating hours

  • Check history

Map tables
Assign servers
Manage orders

Data collection & easy to understand reports to get them coming back

  • Loaded & personalized dashboards

  • Full analytics & customer insights

  • Promo recommendation engine & controls

  • Insights on repeat customers, best sellers & more

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Operating your restaurant
to run like clockwork

an on-the-go solution that can be accessed from anywhere at anytime.

Did you know a restaurant is visited more frequently by 67% of customers who place orders online than those who don’t.
don’t get left behind.

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A zero marketing cost loyalty system

Data-driven customer flywheel that Gets them hooked

designed to build your regulars and drive revenue a machine learning software that analyzes & predicts customer behaviour based on hard data while driving promotional recommendations to get diners coming back again & again.

Point of sale captures
customer’s information

Keeps tabs on order size,
items, time & frequency

Tailored offers & rewards
based on diner’s aggregate

Analytics on reward consumption
fed back into AI engine